BuildABet ticket system suggestions

Contract work:
Redesign the ticketing system for buildabet, an online racing and betting site.

I got this project, and went to the races … on the design, that is.


  • Create a visually appealing new design for the tickets
  • Mandatory information must be included on each ticket

Selected design decisions:

  • Placing the status of the ticket in large white text over a color allows the viewer to quickly see the most relevant information. As important, it allows the ticket status to dynamically populate with code from their proprietary database.
  • Isolated tickets (rather than one big list of data) make each bet ‘feel’ physical and allows for drag and drop interaction.
  • Allows for expansion of media. If desired, this design can expand the options with links to video for past races, track conditions for future races, etc. I encouraged this upgrade, as it would encourage and increase clients clicking on tickets.


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