Garden site mockup

I was contacted by a client to create a photoshop site design for a garden center’s website.


My favorite part of this design was the custom header, which switched to let the user know where they were on the site. It adds a bit of character, and creates a dynamic space next to the call to action with the telephone number.

main_sept17_1215p irrigation_sept16_11am header-tree-0804 header-grow-0804 header-cafe-0804

BuildABet ticket system suggestions

Contract work:
Redesign the ticketing system for buildabet, an online racing and betting site.

I got this project, and went to the races … on the design, that is.


  • Create a visually appealing new design for the tickets
  • Mandatory information must be included on each ticket

Selected design decisions:

  • Placing the status of the ticket in large white text over a color allows the viewer to quickly see the most relevant information. As important, it allows the ticket status to dynamically populate with code from their proprietary database.
  • Isolated tickets (rather than one big list of data) make each bet ‘feel’ physical and allows for drag and drop interaction.
  • Allows for expansion of media. If desired, this design can expand the options with links to video for past races, track conditions for future races, etc. I encouraged this upgrade, as it would encourage and increase clients clicking on tickets.


Icon gallery

Sample websites

Alaska Gallery

Sea Themed Game illustratons

illustration of sea turtle in coral reef

Background image for Sea Themed game

Game images created for Blue Rose Games title Popper 2, which is now available on the Xbox marketplace and Windows Phone.

image of sea creatures

Sea theme for game, tokens

Sketches of Alaska

Some sketches from my trip to Alaska. Pen and Ink