Candy game design background and tokens

A background for a game menu, with candy tokens, created for Blue Rose Games’ Popper 2, available on Xbox Marketplace and Windows Phone.




Oil Painting

Oil Painting




Actually, I am a morning person… .  After my first 6 oz of coffee kicks in I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! *^_^*

BuildABet interface redesign – Tracking Races

Contract work:
Redesign the ticketing system for buildabet, an online racing and betting site.

I got this project, and went to the races … on the design, that is.


  • Create a visually appealing new design for the interface information
  • Mandatory information must be included

Selected design decisions:

  • Their previous design was a series of text columns. I suggested turning that text into a visual dashboard, with the sample below.
  • Their top concern was sorting by MTP (minutes to post), so I suggested placing the races on a horizontal timeline. This would allow for multiple racetracks to be shown simultaneously and allowed the use of icons and colors to indicate race type, if bets had been placed on the race, etc. It also creates a generous zones for clicking on the race to pull up more information, which would be important for migrating from web to touch devices.

trackInfo_trackSchedule mainPage_ver0_02-11-2011

Sea Themed Game illustratons

illustration of sea turtle in coral reef

Background image for Sea Themed game

Game images created for Blue Rose Games title Popper 2, which is now available on the Xbox marketplace and Windows Phone.

image of sea creatures

Sea theme for game, tokens